Maplewood Videos

Each member of The Maplewood’s caregiving family has their own special story to tell. Some were born into a family of caregivers or raised in an extended setting with elder care needs. Others grew into the caregiver they are today through decades of service at The Maplewood. Still more simply realized an early calling. Each of our team members brings distinct commitment and perspective to their profession. We’re happy to share their stories here. In addition, you’ll find an assortment of videos with helpful information about several topics.

Q&A Video Series

Greg Chambery Addresses Questions and Concerns for Those Considering Long Term Care.

FEATURED VIDEO: Greg shares helpful information with seniors who are considering long term care right now but are fearful

A Tradition of Caring

“Exceptional personal care has been a tradition for three generations of the Chambery family, and it’s still our philosophy today. Simply put, we begin every day with a clear vision to treat and provide care for your loved ones and your entire family as you would at home. Everything we do flows from that.”

Modified Yoga and Chair Chi

Ann Shanders shares the benefits of modified yoga and chair chi, two forms of exercise that we offer in our wellness classes at The Maplewood.

Making Sushi with
Chef Arin DeLucia

Chef Arin DeLucia offers a demonstration of making Shrimp California Rolls, which have become a hit at The Maplewood’s weekly Main-Street Maplewood happy hour receptions.

Adaptive Clothing

Ann Shanders, CPT, provides an overview on adaptive clothing and demonstrates a recommended method for dressing and undressing your loved one with a constricted side. Maplewood MDS Coordinator Gloria Huussen assists.

Getting to Know Michael Fall,
Director of Dining Services

Michael talks about the joy of being able to serve individual dining preferences for residents and family members alike.

Gary’s Hot Spots
for Winter Outings

Staying active in the middle of a Rochester, New York winter? You bet! Here are three “hot spots” – our residents’ favorite venues for winter afternoon trips. These spots are engaging, eclectic, and off the beaten path just enough so that crowds are typically not an issue.

Getting to Know Greg Chambery,
Owner & Administrator

The Maplewood has been family-owned and operated for three generations. Greg talks about the “Maplewood Way” and how growing up in the business has influenced his vision for running a nursing care facility that serves the entire family and is truly “Distinctly Different.”

Getting to Know Brigid Gerhard,
Nurse Scheduler

Having been raised in a family of caregivers, Brigid treats residents and fellow employees alike as family. Brigid has dedicated herself to over 15 years of caring at The Maplewood.

Getting to Know Gary Sacco,
Director of Recreation

Gary talks about approaching each day as an opportunity to make a difference and treating each resident as an individual with unique needs. He’s learned that some days it’s the smallest gestures that can make the biggest impact on a resident’s experience.