Q&A Video Series

Greg Chambery, Administrator, shares helpful information
by addressing questions and concerns for those considering long term care

Question: How do residents benefit from
a hospitality dining model?

Question: What goes into creating a
great skilled nursing facility?

Question: What are some tips
for touring a nursing home?

Question: How is COVID impacting
senior care availability?

Question: What are the first steps
for finding a nursing home?

Question: What questions should I ask
when researching nursing homes?

Question: How is the vaccine mandate
affecting healthcare?

Question: What is the biggest mistake to avoid
when looking for a nursing home?

Question: Are residents able to stay active and socialize?

Question: What is the latest status
of nursing homes?

Question: What is the visiting situation
for essential caregivers?

Question: Why do smaller nursing homes have an advantage for keeping visitation open?

Question: How is the nursing staff shortage affecting nursing homes?

Question: What should I know about
private vs semi-private rooms?

Question: What are my visiting options if there’s a lock down?

Question: What has healthcare
learned from COVID?

Question: How should nursing homes
be handled going forward?

Question: What is the Biggest Challenge
of Nursing Homes?

Question: What legislation could have negative impacts to nursing homes and their residents?

Question: Could the fall out from COVID impact the ability to access a high quality nursing home?

Question: How can I advocate for
the nursing home of my choice?

Question: How are patients assigned to nursing homes and how can I choose the desired facility?

Question: How does discharging patients from a hospital to a nursing home work?

Question: Do healthcare regulations
need to change?

Question: How should I go about finding the right level of care for my loved one?

Question: What new trend are you
seeing in healthcare?

Question: How are healthcare
navigators organized?

Question: What do healthcare navigators
bring to the table?

Question: How can healthcare
navigators help?

Question: What advice would you give someone considering a nursing home today?

Question: What is the issue between safety and patient rights?

Question: What should I do if my family member needs more help?

Question: What past obstacles prepared Maplewood to deal with something like COVID-19?