There’s a common misconception that it costs a lot of money to move into a nursing home. While it’s true that paying for long-term care at a nursing home can be expensive—costs are up about 20% since 2011 and keep climbing—money is not a barrier to receiving care.

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Dressing with Dignity - An Overview of Adaptive Clothing

Posted: 1/8/2018 11:19:01 AM by Maplewood Therapy and Wellness

As our loved ones age and their mobility decreases, what seems like a simple task of getting dressed every day can actually seem like a chore. Adaptive clothing and footwear can be a true gift.

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Volunteering Brightens Our Lives

Posted: 7/15/2018 12:04:24 PM by The Maplewood

When you volunteer, you leave someone else’s life brighter at the end of the day. And, our volunteers tell us that helping others makes their lives brighter too. Volunteering should be this way. You should love what you are doing when you are volunteering and you should get something out of each visit. This is why at The Maplewood we cater to our volunteers’ personal preferences and unique abilities. 

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Gift Giving Guide for Loved Ones in a Nursing Home

Posted: 11/12/2018 2:27:12 PM by The Maplewood

Throughout the year, friends and family bring gifts to residents at The Maplewood for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions. We are often asked by family and friends about appropriate gifts ideas, so we have put together this handy gift-giving guide.

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